Delicious Reimagined

Baker Halls & Co is a range of crafted fruit syrups founded by food technologist Gerard Hall in 1987. Following a number of iterations, the brand had arrived at a point where it needed some fresh thinking and renewed energy. Creatively too, the brand needed salience to stand out in a sea of sameness on shelf.

Baker Halls & Co

Food & Beverage

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We returned to the genesis of the brand, where we unearthed the tale of its founder Gerard Hall and his drive to bring a new, flavour-first cordial to market. It was his combination of technical skill and foodie flair that made the difference, inspiring us to modernise the brand and its visual language through the lens of its rich and quirky history.

We wanted to bring to life the entrepreneurial flair and passion that Gerard brought to his new enterprise, and which remains a bedrock of the brand today. With syrups that run from the bold and brave, to the soothing and seductive, Baker Halls & Co is all about creating unique and bold flavours in a world in which we’re reimagining delicious.

Showing the brand’s appreciation of the quirky, the unusual, and the unexpected, we created a suite of characters to form the ‘& Co’ of Baker Halls, a team of intrepid flavour merchants scouting far and wide for the very best ingredients, and distilling the goodness for the perfect flavourful drop. These bold and quirky characters set up a distinctive, almost fantastical design language for the brand’s wider expression.

Our wordmark represents the classic heritage the brand brings; combining it with ‘Flavour Merchants’ to imbue it with a sense of the curious and adventurous. Our packaging continues the story of flavour merchants, led by bold illustrations of our Baker Halls & Co characters interacting with giant, colourful fruit. Together, the illustrations, colours and wordmark creates a cohesive yet highly distinctive visual language, bringing to life a stand out expression of Delicious Reimagined.