An Integrated Story of Value

As part of our ongoing relationship with Mercury, we collaboratively delivered a report that tells the story of progress towards ‘Energy Freedom’. Instead of a standard annual report, our strategy for the year 2020 was to deliver an integrated report. This digital-first report communicates a balanced and holistic view into Mercury’s operation and brand that benefits investors, stakeholders and staff.



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To achieve true integration, we took a step back to understand the big picture. We researched the key parties that interact with the annual report to understand needs and drivers. Relevant trends, mediums and treatment was considered so we could deliver the right experience, for the right user at the right time.

We designed and developed an integrated framework that connected the value created within the capitals to the business model, strategy, risk, materiality, and then ultimately the value delivered for both internal and external parties.

This end to end integrated framework combined with a design-led approach enables investors and industry expert to easily track and trace where value comes from and how it benefits stakeholders internally and externally.

The best way to explain the value Mercury creates is to tell the story of the people behind that value. Each capital highlights a feature story that enabled readers to get closer to why Mercury does things, who Mercury are, and how they work.

We designed this report to be digital-first to ensure that the story of integration could be told in a much richer, interactive and dynamic way. Linkages are everything and digital ensures effective communication.