Methven VJet

Since 1886 Methven have been pioneering & engineering amazing water experiences, challenging convention to create award-winning products. Our challenge was to anchor the brand in a compelling and ownable position that would deliver focused growth across multiple markets. We developed a Brand DNA, Architecture and Brand Expression that works as a foundation for this growth.


Technology, Lifestyle

Research & Strategic Insights, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Brand Story, Visual Identity Systems, Retail, Print, Film, Photography & Animation Production,

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Transforming the everyday

With the modern world becoming more superficial and frenetic, it’s the simple things in life – the connection between people and water – that has the ability to transform the everyday.

From this insight we developed a new brand positioning for Methven – Transforming the Everyday – showcasing how a Methven water experience can lift you up and calm you down within a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Evolving our brand assets

We aligned Methven’s brands assets with this new positioning, evolving our use of typography and colour palette and creating emotive photography that reflected Transforming the Everyday.

Product Imagery

We created product imagery that showcases the elegant and sophisticated details of the product design through flat lay photography. Products were arranged into carefully positioned compositions alongside textural elements, challenging the conventions of bathroom product photography.

Introducing the Turoa Collection

We used the new Methven positioning and DNA to inform the design approach for the marketing collateral of the latest Turoa collection. We reflected the collections minimalist aesthetic within the design while using our photography to create that emotional connection with water across all deliverables – print comm’s and hype-reel, through to in-store displays.

“A refreshing evolution of our well established brand”
Laura Keogh – Methven Group, Head of Brand

VJet Technology Hype-reel

We worked with Methven to create a hype-reel and brochure for the launch of their new showering technology VJet. Water pressure being uniquely tailored by the user, we needed to communicate the breadth of experiences available - from needle jet right through to a gentle mist.


Photography by Shadowlands and Duncan Innes