Creating Space to Move

Creating Space

Building cities of the future creates disruption. Mooven saw a way to manage and reduce the complexity of our world by creating clear space for progress. Around every project are circles of control and influence. Mooven enables you to work towards a harmony with the world around you.



Brand Positioning, Visual Identity Systems, Print, Film, Photography & Animation Production,

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Our Strategy

We worked with the Mooven team to establish the brand purpose, positioning and key messaging to clearly articulate the value Mooven creates for multiple stakeholders inside and outside the space of construction works. This is about creating space for planning, creating space for communication and creating space for work.

Our Creative Approach

Based on the creative idea ‘Creating Space to Move’ we centred the brand identity and wider brand expression on the circles of influence and control. These circles are the basis of everything we do from key messaging, language, right through to the wider brand experience and graphic system.

Moving Image

At first, Mooven’s technology can be difficult to get your head around. To solve this we created a brand film that simply and succinctly explains the Mooven technology to customers without the usual tech jargon.