Pushing Boundaries

Cricket is a game that has defined the classic Kiwi summer for generations. The problem is that the New Zealand of tomorrow will not look like the New Zealand of yesterday.

New Zealand Cricket

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Our Approach

We created a purpose led brand for NZC that would resonate with tomorrow's NZ – colourful, diverse and progressive. A brand that lives and breathes connection

Our Brief:

Modern New Zealand is diverse, busy, and in a period of rapid change and growth. This has meant that the colonial sports of yesterday are not only becoming irrelevant but they're just simply not understood. This posed a huge challenge for New Zealand Cricket to be relevant for a changing New Zealand and to ultimately increase cricket participation on a national scale.

Our strategy

We conducted consumer research, stakeholder interviews, workshops and market immersion to gain a clear understanding and direction to create a brand that represented a connection point for New Zealanders to get up, get moving and build communities. This was about positive momentum so that together we could push boundaries.

Redefining the fern

At the heart of every New Zealander rests our fern. This is the symbol that represents New Zealand and New Zealand Cricket. Our identity needed to represent progression and forward thinking, but at the same time it also needed to be connected to Cricket itself.

Taking the heart of the existing New Zealand Cricket logo we created an identity to become a New Zealand icon of tomorrow.

"Staying true to the NZC purpose, Culture&Theory created a brand that's vibrant, inclusive and progressive"

A changing game; for a changing New Zealand

Fun, short, approachable and accessible is what gets kids, parents and friends moving. The purpose to connect New Zealand through our spirit of Cricket opened up thinking in everything NZC now does. Everything from the way people play the game right through to how people are entertained by the game is driven by our purpose.

Creating Immersive Entertainment

You can’t ever replicate the feeling and memories of being there. With Cricket, the colour, the fun and excitement created by the crowd themselves is as impactful and as important as the game itself.

Ticket sales are not a transaction, they are a promise of involvement.

Cricket on the edge

Super Smash is about your heroes standing up and performing extraordinary feats. This is about extraordinary skill, this is about extraordinary shots, this is about extraordinary pressure and this is about extraordinary players. This is Super Smash, this is the future of Cricket.