Crate Chat

Culture comes from connection and understanding. Connection and understanding comes from us talking to each other. At work we are busy and we often find we don’t always connect as much as we should. No Ugly saw a gorgeous workplace where people stopped, talked and connected with each other. They saw this starting around the lunch room table. The question was; how did we take ‘pride of place’ on this lunch room table, and how did we stay there.


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A Crate that carries both conversation and bottles of No Ugly.

We already had what we needed to cement a ‘pride of place’; our crate! The trick was to turn it into a vessel for a game that started the conversation and kept it going.

By re-designing the bottle holder into a divider the crate became a utility for storing the ‘conversation starting’ cards that where either deemed ‘ugly’ or ‘gorgeous’.

Our humble crate could only ever live on the central ‘sociability’ workplace table.

Gorgeous conversations are challenging conversations

We developed the main mechanism around a set of cards the challenged people’s perceptions on ‘ugly’ or ‘gorgeous’.

There are no wrong answers, only complete involvement and relevance for No Ugly within one of the most important aspects of a workplace – Culture.

An ever changing and evolving conversation

The conversation extended far past a deck of cards and was integrated into the digital realm and wider touchpoints through an interactive chatbot and bottlecaps. This ensured the Crate Chat experience could become a permanent fixture across all interactions with the No Ugly brand.