A fresh perspective

In this throw-away world, our perception of value is shifting. We are often cut short with no record of what we have, and what it’s worth. beContento enables people to document all their valuables – emotional & monetary, easily in one app.

We were tasked with bringing this brand to life by developing a brand DNA and identity, that helps its users understand where the true value within their lives lies.

Westpac NZ

Technology, Insurance

Brand Story, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity Systems, Brand Toolkits & Guidelines,

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Our Insight

A valuable life is so much more than the things we have. It is about connection with others — moments, realisations, surprises and learnings. By knowing what really matters, it helps you to see life in a new way. This lead to our key brand benefit for the brand - A fresh perspective is in your hands.

Our approach

We have brought this brand benefit to life through the idea of an ‘epiphany’. A sudden moment of looking at what you have in your life in a new way. This idea captures a sense of liberation, optimism and positivity, which underpins the brand identity and its expression.

The beContento Squiggle

A supple and colourful squiggle device was developed as part of the brand asset. It is derived from the beContento symbol and permeated to the brand expression.

Developing a library of assets

We developed a comprehensive set of assets for beContento. This included iconography, illustration and imagery that works across a broad range of applications from within the app itself through to large outdoor brand activity.


App design and build by the talented team at Roam

Icon Illustration by Watermark